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Grow lungwort in your shade garden

Let low-maintenance lungwort breathe life into your garden's shady spaces

Pulmonaria ‘Pierre's Pure Pink' Pretty, shell-pink flowers in early spring; grass green foliage spotted with silver30 x 30 cm4
P. 'Roy Davidson'Baby pink and periwinkle blue flowers with narrow leaves in early spring; leaves become deep forest green spotted with silver. Resistant to powdery mildew30 x 45 cm5
P. 'Smokey Blue'Pink blooms that change to pale blue in spring; mid-green foliage is spoon-shaped with silvery white spots20 x 30 cm4
P. AngustifoliaEarliest blooming species; in late March or early April. Belongs to the rare group of true blues; flowers are brilliant pink in bud though sky-blue in bloom; solid-coloured leaves are mid- to dark green P. a. ssp. azurea has mauve buds30 x 45 cm4
P. Longifolia 'E.B. Anderson' Bright blue flowers in late spring; spotted, lance-shaped leaves25 x 45 cm5
P. Officinalis 'Sissinghurst White'Pure white flowers in spring; green leaves with small, white spots25 x 45 cm4
P. Rubra Coral blooms in late March; no spotting on leaves30 x 60 cm4
P. Rubra 'David Ward'Orange-red flowers in March; frosty green foliage edged with creamy white40 x 60 cm4
P. Saccharata 'Mrs. Moon'Pink blooms in April that turn to blue; leaves heavily spotted with silver30x 50 cm4


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