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    Holiday season is fast approaching. Do you go crazy with holiday decorating?

    Poll: Holiday decor
  • Poll

    Would you ever buy a patio heater to extend the outdoor entertaining season?

    Poll: Patio pleasures
  • Poll

    What's the best thing about fall?

    Poll: Fabulous fall
  • Poll

    Is your garden shed neat and tidy?

    Poll: Organized space
  • Poll

    Do you consider yourself a DIY gardener?

    Poll: Doing it for yourself
  • Poll

    If you could have one fantasy garden feature, what would it be?

    Poll: Dream gardens
  • Poll

    What is your favourite colour scheme in the garden?

    Poll: Colour kaleidoscope
  • Poll

    Which bulbs will you be planting this fall?

    Poll: Fall planting
  • Poll

    This season, my top priority is:

    Poll: This season, my top priority is:

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