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    Are you ready for fall?

    The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and the trees are definitely starting to go a bit yellow—fall is on the way. Are you ready to put your garden to bed? Take our quiz and see if you know what to do before the frost hits!

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    Book Review: Manual of Woody Landscape Plants

    Their identification, ornamental characteristics, culture, propagation and uses

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    What will grow under a black walnut?

    Discover what will survive under this toxic tree

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    Leaves of gold

    Explore the design possibilities of vibrant fall foliage in the garden

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    Gaga for gooseberries

    Learn how to grow delicious gooseberries in your garden with help from senior horticulture editor, Stephen Westcott-Gratton.

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    Gardening books for spring

    These great garden reads will get you in the mood for spring

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    How to prune a Japanese maple tree

    Making the right cuts will ensure your tree remains a healthy, branching beauty

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    Grow it: Weeping blue atlas cedar

    With its silvery blue evergreen needles and smooth, grey bark, it's like having a living sculpture in the garden year-round.

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    Romantic heritage garden

    A heritage garden in Victoria tells the tale of a prince and his princess, who found happiness in carving a garden out of rock, grit and passion.

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    Visit Kingsbrae Gardens

    Situated on 27 acres in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Kingsbrae Gardens has many themed gardens with over 50,000 perennials, shrubs, and trees.  The Gardens have been awarded the ‘Because Green Matter’ National Stewardship award from Project EverGreen Canada, and...

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