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    Allegheny serviceberry

    Luscious, pure white blooms are only a part of the beauty of this dramatic native tree.

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    Propagating houseplants

    Want more African violets, rubber trees or other indoor plants? Gardening expert Karen York explains how to increase your stock.

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    Reviving our native American chestnut tree

    Senior horticulture editor Stephen Westcott-Gratton considers the drive to revive our native American chestnut tree.

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    Yellow birch

    This eye-catching stately tree delivers beauty in all seasons.

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    Grow it: Carolina allspice

    Calycanthus floridus

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    Carolina silverbell

    Pretty spring flowers and a tidy habit distinguish this lovely native specimen.

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    White-flowered favourites

    When deciding what to plant at the front of his house, editor-at-large Stephen Westcott-Gratton always comes back to white

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    Plant profile: Buddleja

    This shrub also known as a butterfly bush produces fragrant blooms in a rainbow of colours.

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    Eastern redbud

    This brilliantly coloured native tree shines as a beacon of spring.

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    Visit Kingsbrae Gardens

    Situated on 27 acres in St. andrews, New Brunswick, Kingsbrae Gardens has many themed gardens with over 50,000 perennials, shrubs, and trees.  The Gardens have been awarded the ‘Because Green Matter’ National Stewardship award from Project EverGreen Canada, and...

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