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    Native plants: Harebells

    We love the way our resilient native harebells pepper the landscape with their pretty plumes.

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    Water-loving native plants

    Transform wet, soggy areas into a wetland garden.

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    Get the look: Rowallane Garden, County Down, Northern Ireland

    This spring, we’re calling all pollinators with a verdant shrub garden inspired by this beautiful example on Northern Ireland’s rocky terrain. landscape designer Judith Adam shows us how to bring the quaint naturalized look home.

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    Designing the Green Room

    landscape architect Shawn Gallaugher talks about the inspiration behind his Canadian Gardening autumn-themed space at the 2008 Style at Home Show.

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    The natural planting style

    Lorraine Flanigan talks to world-famous Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf, renowned for developing the Natural Planting Style. Inspired by nature and skilfully shaped by innovative plant combinations, this elegant look is easy to get with our tips and plant picks

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    Slideshow: The gardens at Quatre Vents

    Quatre Vents has been described as one of the “most aesthetically satisfying and horticulturally exciting landscape experiences in North America.” This 28 acres of framed vistas, intimate spaces, whimsical follies and gorgeous combinations of plants was created by...

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    10 wonderful winter containers

    Find winter container inspiration from these festive arrangements found on Houzz.

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    A toolkit of garden ideas

    Books, websites, software and courses that help you create your dream garden

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    Build a Versailles planter

    Add a touch of elegance to your entryway with this Versailles planter

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    Create an elegant evergreen planter

    Decorate your front steps with a festive planter of green and red

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