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    Secrets of super-hardy roses

    How can you tell if a rose will prove hardy in your garden?

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    Dealing with drainage

    Water, water, everywhere can be a problem, whether caused by compacted soil, a high water table or a lot of runoff. Gardening expert Karen York offers some plant-saving solutions. 

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    Peonies on parade

    With careful planning, you can extend your enjoyment of garden peonies for up to seven weeks

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    The secret to making good compost

    Find the right balance to create the ultimate gardener's 'gold'

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    Tips for choosing a chipper/shredder

    Mulchers, chippers and shredders can reduce yard waste and make beautiful mulch, too

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    Prairie oasis

    A Saskatoon gardener tackles the challenge of creating a garden on beach sand, with limited water and Zone 2 conditions

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    Improve your side yard

    Tips for turning your narrow side yard into a little garden of Eden.

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    Spotlight: Andrew Hewson

    Five years ago, Chef and culinary instructor Andrew Hewson took his idea for a culinary garden to the dean of Calgary's SAIT Polytechnic and a year later Jackson's Garden opened.

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    Spades and shovels for all your garden tasks

    Our contributors dig up the dirt on spades and shovels

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    Confused about composting?

    Composting is a great way to recycle—and it’s good for your plants and garden soil, too. Before making a batch of backyard compost, take this fun quiz to find out if you’re a composting pro or a rank amateur.

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