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    Spinach recipes

    Spinach packs a nutritional punch, and with these recipes, you won't be able to get enough

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    Cooking with chicories

    Add some kick to your meals with chicories

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    In season: Blueberries

    Pick your own blueberries or grab quarts from the local market to enjoy in recipes or as a healthy snack

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    Is it a weed or not?

    How to tell a wildflower from the garden variety

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    Sowing sweet peas

    Even after three-hundred years this fragrant flower continues to be a garden favourite

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    The natural planting style

    Lorraine Flanigan talks to world-famous Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf, renowned for developing the Natural Planting Style. Inspired by nature and skilfully shaped by innovative plant combinations, this elegant look is easy to get with our tips and plant picks

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    Plan a social harvest

    Pick up new skills in the kitchen by sharing the burden of picking and preserving your bounty

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    6 container-grown herb gardens

    These container-grown herb gardens are a recipe for success.

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    African violets: Easy houseplants

    Dress up a windowsill with these jewel-toned, reliable, indoor beauties

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    Pumpkin soup

    Beat fall's chill with a bowl of creamy pumpkin soup that is bursting with autumn flavour

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