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October 2009 Issue:

The colour issue

20 favourite plants to add the impact you've always wanted; Plant a fall container; Take root cuttings; Grow Swiss chard; Plant dramatic, hardy species tulips this autumn and more!

Table of Contents


4 Editor’s letter
5 Snapshots
74 Coming up
77 Source guide


11 News
The latest news, tips, ideas and more

14 Mindful gardener
Easy ways to green the Earth

16 Hort couture
Pamper garden-weary hands with a DIY manicure

18 Star plant
Species tulips: Quirky and dramatic, they only fleetingly resemble modern garden varieties

24 Notes from a gardener
Making the grade: Editor-at-large Stephen Westcott-Gratton delivers his annual garden report card


26 Techniques
Making new plants from root cuttings: Enjoy more of your favourite specimens with little effort (and no cost!)

30 Design matters
Holding court: Struggling foundation plants and visible mechanics don’t do justice to this attractive bungalow

34 Container guru
Window dressing: Craft your own fall arrangement to capture the spirit of the season


66 transCanada
Our correspondents report on their regions

76 Insider
Taking care of business: A look beyond the pages of seed catalogues into their journey to your mailbox

82 Groundswell
Experts share their go-to sources for trusted gardening advice


38 A Colourful Finale
Careful plantings in this urban retreat build all year to a pinnacle of autumn shades that both stirs and soothes the senses

46 Prairie Palette
The sizzling shades of fall foliage set the stage for the star performers of this Saskatoon garden to really shine

52 Hidden Assets
An inner-city plot masquerades as a sophisticated verdant oasis   


58 True Colours
From glossy leaves to vibrant stalks, Swiss chard is a rainbow of great-tasting goodness 

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