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February 2013 Issue:

Annual 2013

100+ Best Gardening Ideas: Year-round garden problems solved; Best hardy magnolias; Create your own English garden; Coast-to-coast colour for everyday gardens

Table of Contents


4 From the Editor

6 Feedback
What you think about what we do

What's new on our website

9 CG Market
Fresh ideas and products for better gardening

12 Healthy Ingredient
Kale: This easy-to-grow green packs a nutrient-dense punch

13 Smoothie of the Month
A garden-fresh smoothie to boost natural health and well-being

14 Stretching Solutions
Two simple stretches for your shoulders and hips

16 Stephen Speaks
The future is rosy: Stephen Westcott-Gratton looks at 2013 with rose-coloured glasses

18 Dirty Work
Beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques for recycling your holiday plants

20 Trees We Love
Ponderosa pine: We discover the allure of this native evergreen

22 Design Inspiration
Horticulturalist Judith Adam looks for inspiration abroad and shows us how to bring the look home

24 Profile
Magnolias: Gardeners are head over heels for the showy blooms of these harbingers of spring

78 Kitchen Gardener
We rediscover seven mealtime mainstays from Canadian Gardening


28 10 Design Lessons from Wales
We highlight 10 favourite elements to incorporate into your own garden

32 The Gardener's Home Companion
Renowned garden writer Tovah Martin shares a few of her favourite houseplants

39 Flower Show
Show your appreciation for Mother Nature by creating your very own seasonal nature table

48 Your Top 25 Garden Problems Solved!
Karen York provides solutions for your top garden problems

60 Seeds of Wisdom
Gardening experts' tried and true tips for navigating the nursery

62 A Cut Above
Three entrepreneurs tell us what inspired them to take gardening from passion to production

72 Coast-to-Coast Colour
Canada's unique regions provide endless inspiration for gardens

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