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Fields of colour at Les Jardins d'Emmarocalles

Katharine Fletcher

Hundreds of unique daylilies and other native blooms await at this picturesque garden in Quebec


How it all started
Michel and Mireille started Les Jardins in 2007 as an ongoing retirement project, transforming a farmer’s field to several acres of flower beds. While strolling, you’ll discover art installations, antique chairs which invite you to linger and meditational sayings.

Despite the name of the garden—a play on words, juxtaposing the Latin name for daylilies (hemerocalles) with Mirielle’s nickname, “Emma”—many other plants thrive here. Other full-sun favourites include echinacea and phlox. The gardens also showcase shade and semi-shade species, such as gigantic-leaved petasites, astilbes, heuchera, and, come springtime, more than 8,000 bulbs.

Notwithstanding the couple’s vision and obvious hard work in creating Les Jardins, what’s truly worthwhile investigating are the vast numbers of sometimes-rare daylilies.

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