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Fields of colour at Les Jardins d'Emmarocalles

Katharine Fletcher

Hundreds of unique daylilies and other native blooms await at this picturesque garden in Quebec


Ancestral daylilies
The Ancient Garden features plants typically grown in the 1900s such as echinacea, hollyhock and daisies.

What’s rarer here, however, are seventeen examples of foundation species of daylilies. The ancestors of modern cultivars were natives of Asia. Here at Les Jardins, we can view several varieties such as Kwanzo and Fulva.

Many of us would recognize Fulva, because it’s the commonly glimpsed orange daylily growing in drifts throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces’ countryside. It’s a native of the Caucasus extending to the Himalayas, China, Japan, Korea and Russia. Hence, it’s a hardy plant requiring little attention. Extra benefits are that its first emerald-green shoots in spring, plus flower buds and blossoms, are delicious in many recipes such as salads and soups.

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