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Fields of colour at Les Jardins d'Emmarocalles

Katharine Fletcher

Hundreds of unique daylilies and other native blooms await at this picturesque garden in Quebec


Colour-coded cultivars
In the Waterponds section of Les Jardins, hundreds of daylilies (more than 1,200 cultivars) are grouped according to colour. Their fragrance wafts on the breeze as you wander past blossoms of purple-to-black (Yabba Dabba Doo, Bela Lugosi, Purple Portrait, Black Stockings), pink (Antique Rose, Always Afternoon), yellow (Amy, Wynn, Yellow Lollipop), apricot (Angel’s Delight) and red (Theron, Autumn Red).

Tip: Take your camera and a notepad to record plants you might like to buy.

Other garden initiatives
Along with the varieties of daylilies, echinacea and others, Michel and Mireille follow organic practices: no chemical herbicides and pesticides are employed. Additionally, they grow native species, particularly those suited for shore revitalization projects.

Truly, this couple’s retirement project is a worthwhile, growing initiative.

Katharine Fletcher is a freelance writer and author who lives at her heritage and organic farm, Spiritwood, in West Quebec.

Photos courtesy of Les Jardins D’Emmarocalles

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