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India  February 19th – March 3rd, 2014
Just like the Lotus, prized for their serene beauty, the Taj Mahal is also prized for its beauty, beauty made as a result of a grief stricken Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. This is a very special one of a kind garden tour as it will focus on some incredible gardens and sights.

Turkey  April 14th – April 23rd, 2014
The Tulip was originally a wild flower growing in Central Asia and was first cultivated by the Turks as early as 1,000 AD.  In our tour we will have a chance to see the lands of the historic Tulip, West Coast of Turkey including Ephesus, an ancient Greek city and later a major Roman city and also Cappadocia, a spectacular landscape, entirely sculpted by erosion.
Israel   April 27th – May 7th, 2014
Israel, a country full of wonder and promise, is located in Southwest Asia. Our visit in April to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa should be perfect as the weather is very comfortable and bright sunshine is the norm.  This is one very special tour.

Chelsea Flower Show London  May 20th – May 28th, 2014
One hotel for 8 nights!  Gardens to take your breath away – Always a sell out.

Ireland  June 21st – June 30th, 2014
Dublin and Belfast including the extraordinary World Association of Flower Arrangers Show WAFA.
Bulgaria  June 3rd, - June 12th, 2014
Springtime and Roses Tour.  It is a joyful and flower filled time to be in Bulgaria…the spring holds such promise and here we will see plenty of that as we visit this stunningly beautiful lush green country.
South Africa  October 8th – October 23rd, 2014
Floral Wonders & Game Safaris -  2012 Sold out quickly so don’t miss it this time!


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