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Tara Nolan
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Tara Nolan

Include this family-friendly garden destination in a trip to the Edmonton area

It’s obvious that Tam Andersen has no problem getting ready for work each day. Her job title is “Director of Fun.” And as the owner of Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm in Bon Accord, Alta., she is responsible for dreaming up and implementing new ideas for her 35-acre property every year. 

Originally homesteaded by a family from Michigan in 1896, and part of the Athabasca Landing Trail, the grounds are now home to a nursery and garden shop, pick-your-own strawberry patch, petting farm, corn maze, a Klondike ghost town and much more. Tam also runs a successful CSA program and hosts several events throughout the year, from Easter to Christmas, including a Fairy Berry Festival, Corn Fest and a Haunted Pumpkin Festival. 

Here are some photos from a recent visit.


When I pull up and get out of my car, I find myself grinning from ear to ear. Because this is exactly the kind of place I would have LOVED to visit as a kid. There is a whole little village of fun, which you can glimpse in this photo through the entrance gate.


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