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Highlights from Canada Blooms 2011

Tara Nolan
Photography by
Tara Nolan

From blossoms and bulbs, to eco-friendly landscaping, this year’s show provided endless inspiration for gardeners


Reford makes us think: How green is your garden?
I had the opportunity to visit Reford Gardens this past summer on a trip through maritime Quebec. One of the many garden installations features numerous colourful garden sheds that make a powerful statement about what we've traditionally stored for our garden—pesticides and other chemicals, old junk, broken tools, etc.  A few of the sheds were brought to Canada Blooms where they reiterated the environmental message conceived by designer Deborah Nagan from the UK. The garden's director, Alexander Reford, explained to me that the paper encircling the white tulips represents all the messages left in the garden by visitors.


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