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Highlights from Canada Blooms 2012

Tara Nolan
Photography by
Tara Nolan

With more feature gardens than last year and a new focus with the National Home Show, this year's event did not disappoint!

It's easy to get antsy throughout the winter as the excitement builds for that day you can get back out in the garden. For me, Canada Blooms is that turning point where you know spring is just around the corner. And with amazing weather during this year's 10-day show, which was co-located with The National Home Show, it truly felt as though spring had arrived. I always come away with so much inspiration for my own garden—and a few things to add to it from the market! Here are some of my highlights...


The Garden Club of Toronto's floral carpet
The 48 feet of "floral" carpet created by The Garden Club of Toronto was absolutely gorgeous. Besides the jewel-toned blooms, stems and leaves added to the textured tapestry.


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