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Highlights from Canada Blooms 2013

Tara Nolan
Photography by
Tara Nolan

A medley of colourful spring blooms and fresh gardening ideas were in abundance at this year’s show

It may have been snowing off and on outdoors for the first days of Canada Blooms, but it was undeniably spring indoors. Forced tulips, hyacinth, forsythia and other spring bloomers greeted guests in almost every garden. Hours and hours of work go into these amazing, but temporary spaces. Some common themes included incorporating physical fitness into a garden plan, building rustic garden structures and gardening up—a natural solution for tight urban spaces. The following pages include some of the ideas that inspired me on my early-morning walk through the show.


I was familiar with Shawn Gallaugher’s fitness-circuit-in-the-garden concept before I saw his Otium plans for Canada Blooms. Shawn first applied this idea to the natural setting around his own cottage a couple of years ago and has since tailored it for other cottage country clients. The Otium garden at Canada Blooms is 700 square feet and allows you to do a gentle to advanced workout. I was fortunate to catch a quiet moment with Shawn in his garden on opening day and he was able to walk me through and explain how each area worked. The banding pattern on the stones is good for warmups, the arbour has been created to hold a TRX suspension trainer and the back of the garden is the perfect place to cool down or meditate.

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