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Highlights from Canada Blooms 2014

Tara Nolan
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Tara Nolan

If you're looking for garden inspiration, there are plenty of "wild" and unique ideas to be had at this year's event


The World Crops Project
I have to admit, I have a more personal connection to this garden than I do to the others, because this year I volunteered to help put a teeny part of it together. The Wednesday before Canada Blooms, I showed up with my steel-toed boots, borrowed a hard hat and got to work putting a few things together.

The Toronto Botanical Garden, in partnership with Greenbelt Ontario, showcased how Ontario's farmers are successfully growing interesting crops from around the world, from okra (you can grab a free packet of seeds at the booth) to long beans and different varieties of eggplant and more. The urban backyard garden featured lots of upcycled ideas for growing your edibles in a small space. And of course if you took a look at the other side, you were treated to a fabulous retail space where you could buy everything from honey to seeds to garden accessories.

Here's a link to the garden plan in my preview.


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