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Highlights from the 2011 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Veronica Sliva
Photography by
Veronica Sliva

See what trends will be trickling down to garden planting and design in the coming seasons

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the world’s premier event for garden enthusiasts. Held annually in May, this prestigious show is where many of the gardening world’s trends emerge and where new plant introductions and accessories send gardenistas scampering to the nearest garden centre or nursery in search of their favourites. Here on the following pages are some highlights from this year’s event, which took place from May 24 to 28.


Useful plants and beneficial garden elements
One repeating theme in many of the gardens was using plants with a purpose and including elements in the garden that are “useful” to us or the environment. Attracting beneficial insects and pollinators figured prominently in some designs, edible plants take centre stage and salvaged and found objects were de rigueur.

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