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Market profile: The Toronto Flower Market

Natalie DiScala

This newly launched monthly market celebrates local greenhouses and flower varieties

What you’ll find at the Toronto Flower Market
“There are five Ontario greenhouses that offer a range of cut flowers, potted plants, hanging baskets, annuals, etc.,” says Kajganic. “Each stall is filled with different floral offerings, to ensure there is an array of flowers and plants available to the consumers that showcase some of the 80 varieties of cut flowers and 120 potted plants that are grown right here in Ontario.”

So far, the Toronto Flower Market has run in May and June 2013 but there are upcoming markets in July, August and September. Each market will feature new vendors, making each one different from the last.  “We will be introducing urban growers to the market from July to September, who grow their own flowers in public gardens or in their neighbours’ backyards for barter,” says Kajganic. “We are always looking to grow the market, always ensuring that each vendor contributes to the growth and awareness of the Ontario floriculture industry in some way.”

Bryan Van Geest of Van Geest Bros Ltd has been a vendor at the market since its inception back in May, and sells cut gerbera and cut mums year ‘round. The market affords him the opportunity to communicate directly with customers and he says that the response has been positive. “It is so nice to hear that people leave happy with the flowers they purchased there and that they lasted a long time,” he says. But beyond that, his presence at the market extends to supporting and creating jobs in the province.

Van Geest says that buying local flowers means supporting a large industry in Ontario. “The greenhouse industry is a quiet industry but we support over 17,000 direct jobs in Ontario,” he says. “We supply the flowers much fresher than the product imported from other countries,” he says, explaining that fresh flowers can be in your home the very next day after being cut. “Growers in Ontario are also very environmentally concerned - most growers use good bugs to control pests in the greenhouse, rather than harmful toxins.”

Buying local has never made so much sense and understanding the wide-reaching impact of doing so is key to making smarter choices before you buy. See below for more information on the Toronto Flower Market schedule:

Upcoming markets: July 13, August 10, September 14th
Location: 99 Sudbury Street, Toronto
Time: 10am - 3pm
Online: TorontoFlowerMarket.ca

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