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The Denman Island Home & Garden Tour turns 20

Laura Busheikin

Highlights from some of the unique gardens that were part of this year's popular event

The Denman Island Home & Garden Tour celebrated its 20th birthday this year on June 15 and 16. Approximately 1,500 visitors visited this otherwise tranquil island (population 1,100), which sits in the Straight of Georgia off of Vancouver Island. Over the two decades of its existence, this tour has gained recognition as one of the best on the West Coast, famed for its variety of interesting gardens. The gardens reflect the stunning coastal rainforest environment, the artistic talents of the residents (the island is said to have one of the highest artist-per-capita ratios in the country) and the environmental ethos of the region, which is specially protected as part of British Columbia's Islands Trust. Here are some highlights:


Garden room with a view
This little bench marries boxwood and granite and shows what delightful effects can be had from combining contrasting materials in unexpected ways. Note the ornamental broom in the background—a bold move in a region where invasive broom is considered a major pest. The pay-off for such defiance comes in the form of glowing bright yellow blooms, with a heavenly scent, that last from late spring into early summer.

image by Tomas Hajek


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