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The Denman Island Home & Garden Tour turns 20

Laura Busheikin

Highlights from some of the unique gardens that were part of this year's popular event


A medieval cottage
House and setting interact in fascinating ways on the property of artists John Tallerino and Marc Randall, melding West Coast elements with a look that is reminiscent of a European medieval cottage. The dark maroon house contrasts dramatically with the many shades of green that surround it; the gables, stonework and stained glass of the house give it an old-world charm, while the artfully cultivated garden of native plants clearly remind you that you are in the temperate rainforest of the B.C. coast. The verandah, full of art and container plants, provides a lovely transition between house and garden. Note the hand-crafted rustic fence made of branches bent into arches—you might call this “primitive meets gothic” (and it keeps the deer out).

image by Tomas-Hajek

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