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The Denman Island Home & Garden Tour turns 20

Laura Busheikin

Highlights from some of the unique gardens that were part of this year's popular event


Keeping out the wildlife
Gardens on the island need to be fenced to keep out the wildlife—mostly deer—who thrive due to the lack of natural predators. The tour showed many ways that gardeners make a virtue out of this necessity, incorporating art, trellises, driftwood and sophisticated design into their barriers. One favourite was this arbour smothered in roses at the waterfront farm of Liz and John Johnston, featuring one of Liz’s favourite blooms, the peach-coloured, deliciously fragrant Royal Sunset. Note how the transition from lawn to fence to garden is gracefully handled with a rock-bordered narrow bed all along the fence edge, enlivened with features like the inviting bench.

image by Tomas-Hajek

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