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20 fall hibernation hints

Citytv garden expert Frankie Flowers lists what you should do to prepare your garden for winter

Protect your plants

[ ] Save your plants from hungry deer with an application of non-toxic Skoot.

[ ] Look at what’s at risk should heavy melting snow and ice fall from your roof and protect those foundation plantings. Take precautions like binding uprights with twine, pruning back long branches and building A-frames over
globe cedars.

[ ] Wrap the trunks of young shade and fruit trees with commercial tree wrap or burlap to protect them from bark splitting caused by southwest injury (also known as winter sunscald).

[ ] Remove soil and foliage from dahlias, canna lilies and gladioli, let the
bulbs surface dry and store them at cool temperatures (5 to 10°C) in dry vermiculite, peat or sawdust.

[ ] Cover tender perennials and roses with clean leaves or hill them up with soil.

[ ] Mulch around new plantings.

Plan for next year

[ ] Reflect on this year’s garden while it’s still fresh in your mind (taking photos helps). Write down your successes, failures, goals and budgets to help you strategize for next season.


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