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April hours for May flowers

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CityTV garden and weather expert Frankie Flowers sets out eight tasks for a great garden all season long

5. Start the season indoors
Sow warm-season veggies, such as tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers, indoors. The No. 1 reason people fail at seed starting is that they simply start their plants too early—so be sure to follow the sowing instructions on the back of your seed pack.

6. Dig in with root veggies
Cold-crop vegetables like leafy greens and most root vegetables can be directly sown into the garden once soil temperatures warm, even if there’s still a risk of frost. (In fact, many root vegetables don’t like transplanting, so planting them directly into the ground is the only option.)

7. Harden off seedlings 
“Hardening off” is the process of toughening up your seedlings to acclimatize them to being outside full time. Expose them to the elements incremently: first in part shade and then in the sun—and only for a few hours to begin with. Build them up to days outdoors and nights indoors, until they’re ready to be in the garden full time.

8. Top-dress and reseed the lawn
With warm soil temperatures and ample rainfall, mid-spring is the time to boost your lawn into health. Through top-dressing, reseeding, aerating and fertilizing, you can help your lawn out-compete weeds.

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