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The Canadian Gardening team's 2010 gardening resolutions

Each team member shares a gardening goal (or two) for the coming season

Our long, Canadian winters provide us with ample time to assess our gardens from the past season and make plans for the next. Here, our team reveals what their green thumbs hope to accomplish in their own little plots this coming spring.

The magazine team

Erin McLaughlin, editor-in-chief, Canadian Gardening magazine
My New Year's resolution is to try to learn more from the Japanese about how to create elegant simplicity in a tiny garden space. My ultimate goal? To visit some of the spectacular gardens in Japan, including Tsukiyama Gardens.

Suzanne Moutis, executive editor, Canadian Gardening magazine
I resolve to keep up with both my weeding and writing in my gardening journal. Every year I give up in about July—and I pay the price! Oh, and I also resolve to nag my husband more about putting up my garden lights. I keep buying them, and they keep sitting in the box!

Karina Leimanis, assistant editor, Canadian Gardening magazine
My resolution is to grow more from seed, especially vegetables. There is something so rewarding about starting a plant from seed and watching it sprout.

Stephen Westcott-Gratton, editor-at-large, Canadian Gardening magazine
I resolve to cover all of my perennial borders with a thick, (10 cm deep) mulch of shredded leaves. Like many gardeners, I prefer to see a bit of soil peeking up between plants, but I now have such a large area under cultivation that I can't keep up with the weeding. The mulch will also conserve moisture and improve the soil's tilth as it breaks down, and it's a great way to recycle all those autumn leaves!

Josephine Woertman, art director, Canadian Gardening magazine
My gardening resolution is to basically observe the changes of the seasons in my garden regardless of what the weather is like; sorta like 'stopping to smell the roses'. I want to make a point of going around my garden (backyard) once a week and literally looking at the changes that are taking place. I tend to do this in spring and summer, but not very much in fall, winter or early spring. Somehow I missed a few weeks in the month of November and before I knew it the leaves were completely down. I did however see my Shirobana Spirea get all gold and pinky... glad I didn't miss that.

Florence Kwok, assistant art director, Canadian Gardening magazine
My garden resolutions for 2010 include digging up some perennials that do not match my colour palette. I decided at the end of the year that I bought too many plants in 2009 and the colours do not all match. I want my colour palette to be as simple as possible—only purple and white.

I also need to work on the overcrowding issue in my front yard flower bed. I have hostas, tulips, bleeding hearts and creeping jenny in the same shady garden. I’ll need to pull some out and replant them in different areas.

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