What to do now - Jobs in the Garden by Season

The Canadian Gardening team's 2010 gardening resolutions

Each team member shares a gardening goal (or two) for the coming season

The web team

Angus Robinson, product manager CanadianGardening.com (a.k.a The Budding Gardener’s boss)
My resolution is to have a "Ralph 2.0" sprouting by the spring. Alas, Ralph Jr. didn’t fare so well, because I introduced a contaminated plant from the farmer’s market. In 2010, I plan to be more careful with the plants I introduce to my office garden from outside.

Jen Murray, web editorial assistant, CanadianGardening.com
This year, I resolve to properly prep my garden in the spring. Last year I neglected to put down a proper layer of mulch, and waited too long to pull up the mystery plants that I couldn’t identify. Not only did I have to fight grass growing between my annuals, but I also ended up with out-of-control perennials that quickly overgrew; by the time I knew what was happening, it was too late!

And me, Tara Nolan, Web Editor, CanadianGardening.com and ‘The Budding Gardener
I plan on creating a functioning compost pile—one that provides me with nutrient-rich soil so I don’t have to buy everything from the nursery. I’m going to order seeds once again and hope to have more success with them this year. I’d love a cold frame, but we’ll see if I have time for that! I also want to plant more cool-weather crops and, like I say every year, finally plant garlic. I could keep going, but I don’t want to stress myself out so early in the season!

What are your gardening resolutions! Drop us a line below.

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