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Sunflowers in a wooden vase

Rustic and quirky, this do-it-yourself design is reminiscent of a beach boardwalk bathed in sunshine.


Fix 2 horizontal strips of reusable adhesive at equal distances around the jar. Stick the lengths of kindling onto the reusable adhesive in straight vertical lines, butting them up against each other.

2 Wind string around the wood and tie in a knot. Half-fill the jar with water. Add the sunflowers, trimming their stems so they sit just above the rim of wood. Add more water.

flower-arranging-sfa-book.jpgExcerpted from Simple Flower Arranging by Mark Welford & Stephen Wicks, Copyright © 2014 Dorling Kindersley Ltd. Photography Copyright © 2014 Carolyn Barber. Excerpted by permission of DK Publishing, New York. All rights reserved.

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